FAQ | Fremont Union High Schools Foundation


What is the mission of the FUHS Foundation? 

The Foundation is an independent, non-profit, public-benefit corporation, serving Cupertino, Fremont, Homestead, Lynbrook and Monta Vista High Schools. As the primary fundraising organization for the school district, we are committed to ensuring the quality of education in our schools is not compromised by changing economic conditions. We are currently governed by a Board of Directors, which includes teachers, business professionals, community members and parents from each of our five high schools.

What is the Robotics program, and what is its role in the District’s efforts to develop an engineering program?

Robotics is an interdisciplinary program which fosters business, engineering, marketing and collaboration skills among students. It provides hands on training as students build 120 pound robots for local and regional competitions across the country.  Students, teachers and parents collaborate to raise funds, publicize events, and promote the program throughout the community.  Engineering classes and curriculum at district schools are designed to coordinate with the robotics teams to provide an integrated learning experience.  As funding for the Foundation grows, so will efforts to expand the engineering program and curriculum at all five of our high schools.

If I donate to the Foundation, how will my dollars be used to support the engineering and robotics program? 

At present, the District budget allocates $6,000 per school for support of robotics kits, shop equipment and expenses for robotics teams. In addition, the District provides stipends for teachers and community coaches involved with the robotics program. The Foundation’s contribution will allow the District to establish a centralized practice “field” for all schools to utilize. This is an important part of a successful program in that currently no single school has adequate space or the facility to set up the obstacle courses that are required to be in place for the entire competition season.  By providing a centralized facility, the District will help our schools more effectively compete both locally and nationally.

Why did the Foundation choose these programs to support?

The Foundation works closely with District staff to identify areas where funds are most needed and can have the greatest impact. Projects are vetted and discussed within the Program Development committee and then brought before the Foundation board for discussion and approval.

Why should I donate to the Foundation rather than to the individual school programs? 

The Foundation provides a stable source of funding for programs which benefit students throughout the district.  The Foundation is not meant to replace programs supported by individual PTAs, and other parent organizations; rather it serves as an essential partner with the District, parents and other members of the community who want to ensure that despite ongoing budget cuts in Sacramento our public high schools continue to provide a world class education.

What other programs does the Foundation currently support?

In addition to Robotics, the Foundation funds two programs which have greatly enhanced student success: School Loop and Naviance.  School Loop is an online tool which helps students and parents monitor grades, school activities, classroom assignments, and communicate with teachers. Naviance is an online tool specifically for Seniors to help manage the college application process, from identifying potential colleges to submitting applications, obtaining teacher recommendations and providing secondary school reports and transcripts when needed. This year, thanks to a grant from the Foundation, an online SAT preparation course has also been available to students through Naviance.  The Foundation also provides funds to support visual and performing arts at each of our five high schools, which includes theatre, choral, instrumental music and art programs.    

What programs does the Foundation plan to support in the future?

The Foundation will continue to work with District staff and our Superintendent to identify programs which contribute to student success.  Helping our students develop the skills necessary to compete and thrive in the 21st century economy is our objective, and the Foundation will continue to be responsive to the District needs as well as parent and community priorities. Expanding opportunities in science and engineering at each of our campuses, fostering appreciation of the arts, and preparing our students for college will remain our primary focus.