Foundation Funded Programs and Projects

College/Career Center

  • Provided literature racks, cabinets and books; laptop computers; external monitors; test prep and college search information; college admission data sourcebooks.

AVID Program

  • Provided funding for field trips, guest speakers, staff training.

Music and Performing Arts

  • Provided funding for musical instruments and supplies.

Athletic Department

  • Funded the recertifying of safety equipment.
  • Provided funding for Hall of Fame materials, locking cabinets, and frames.

Science Department

  • Purchased updated science Probeware equipment for the classroom.

Math Department

  • Provided graphing calculators.

Teens with Tots Center

  • Provided funding for continued education and child care needs of school-age mothers and fathers.

Technology Grants

  • Provided grants to purchase PC and/or laptop computers/printers and internet access for qualified low-income students.

School Technology

  • Provided funding for school-wide ceiling mounted LCD projectors.
  • Purchased server for student use of multiple base stations with wireless access.
  • Purchased IPods and book subscriptions for Library checkout.
  • Funded the redevelopment and redesigning of school website.


  • Provided operational funding for the English Language Learners Summer Camp Program.