Monta Vista High School Principal¬†April Scott accepted a check from the Foundation for $23,200 at the March 29th Board of Trustees meeting held at Monta Vista High School. This symbolic check represents the Foundation’s financial contribution to the school for the most recent year.

Foundation Funded Programs and Projects

College/Career Center

  • Provided literature racks, cabinets and books; Career Decision Making System.

AVID Program

  • Provided funding for field trips, guest speakers, staff training.

Music and Performing Arts

  • Purchased a new sound system.

Modern Language Department

  • Provided funding for laptop computers and carts.

Science Department

  • Purchased updated science Probeware equipment for the classroom.
  • Provided funding for laptop computers and carts

Math Department

  • Provided graphing calculators.

Teens With Tots Center

  • Provided funding for continued education and child care needs of school-age mothers and fathers.

Technology Grants

  • Provided grants to purchase PC and/or laptop computers/printers and internet access for qualified low-income students.

School Technology

  • Purchased Library industrial size multi-media scanner.
  • Provided new ceiling mounted LCD projectors.
  • Funded the redevelopment and redesigning of school website.